Frederikshavn Art Museum Yunus GUNES Exlibris Exhibition
Thursday, 24 February 2011 00:00

Contemporary Bookplate Artists 32 - Yunus GUNES

Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum & Exlibrissamling

Frederikshavn Art Museum / 26 February - 10 April 2011

From the exhibition catalog:

“The Frederikshavn Art Museum owns one of the largest bookplate collections in the world and considers it as it's obligation to familiarize the general public with graphic bookplates by regular exhibitions.

Thus, for 30 years we have shown bookplates from our funds in larger or smaller exhibitions to present one or several artists of a country, or else certain topics or motifs. In cooperation with other museums, major exhibitions like 'Europa and The Bull' came into being. Likewise, the museum regularly shows the exhibition of the International Biennial of the Bookplate from Malbork, Poland. In future we want to present the exlibris of contemporary artists with this new series of small 'Portrait Exhibitions' to make visitors aware of the quality, charm and beauty of the presentday graphic design of bookplates. Hopefully some will feel enticed to commission their own exlibris. The Museum succeeded in motivating a number of the best contemporary artists to cooperate and was thus able to call into life this series of exhibitions."

Yunus GUNES Exlibris Exhibition Announcement

Exhibition catalog: